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Buying pre-owned is a great way to get equipment for bargain prices. Whether you’re looking for a spare DSLR body, or a different lens for your camera, you’re sure to find something that may interest you! 
All three stores are stocked with quality pre-owned camera bodies, lenses, flashes, and other accessories from popular name brands. Our pre-owned equipment comes from demo models or trade-ins, and we carefully inspect each item to ensure it’s in excellent condition. Our inventory is changing constantly, with items being added and sold daily, and varies between each store. Visit us to check out our collection, as we may have just received a hot item that hasn’t made it onto the list yet! Current Listing of Used Equipment

  Sell or Trade
Would you like to sell your equipment or trade it in on a newer model? The Camera Company buys gently used photo equipment every day. Look around the house, check your closets, you may have an older camera or the photography gear you are not using that may be worth some CA$H. We are looking for gently used DSLR cameras. lenses and accessories. We only purchase items in full working order. Be sure to bring all accessories, cables, batteries, chargers, etc. Missing components will reduce the value and may impact our ability to make an offer. Fill out the form below for an online evaluation of your gear. 
  What you need to know-
We buy used gear to re-sell to other photography enthusiasts. We offer to pay you a fair wholesale price. If we come to an agreement we will mail you a check in approximately 10 days or apply the amount we agree upon toward a purchase. You must also have a current government issued ID to complete the transaction. 
  Items We will buy         Items We do not buy         Items we're very selective about
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  • Digital SLR Camera body’s
  • Digital SLR Lenses
  • Digital SLR accessories
  • Polaroid cameras
  • Video cameras
  • Darkroom equipment
  • Light stands
  • Old studio lights
  • Point & Shoot film cameras
  • Film SLR Cameras & Lenses
  • Medium Format Cameras
  • Studio Tripods
  • Flash
  • Studio Lights
  • Point & Shoot
  • Super Zoom or Bridge Camera’s 
Current Listing of Used Equipment