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BlackRapid Tripod Jacket


The first ever organizer jacket for use with any tripod. With a pocket for everything in your gear bag, the Tripod Jacket eliminates the need for carrying, and rummaging around, in a heavy camera bag. When moving from location to location, the mesh wrap...

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MD Mini Dovetail Clamp


The PROMASTER M.D. Clamp works with the 3685 M.D. Plate as well as all ProMaster XC-M tripods (every XC-M has an M.D. plate factory-installed on its yoke). M.D. stands for Mini Dovetail. It allows for quick attachment of photographic...

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MD Mini Dovetail Plate


The PROMASTER 3685 M.D. Plate works hand-in-hand with the 3573 M.D. Clamp. This system is designed for fast attachment of photographic accessories. Every ProMaster XC-M tripod comes with a 3685 M.D. plate preinstalled on its yoke. This plate can be...

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