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Movie Film to DVD Transfer




The Camera Company’s Professional Video Transfer Service can copy all your 8mm, Super 8mm or 16mm movies to DVD. We will handle your order as if it is our own and give your memories the utmost care that they deserve. 

We use state of the art transfer equipment that uses Safe scan technology to help keep your movies safe. Safe scan technology uses a precision bronze gate so it handles the film by the edges for maximum safety and zero image area contact. The high resolution 24 bit camera uses a  specialized cool LED light source not a hot projection bulb to protect your film from heat. 

Your film is captured frame-by-frame, these individual frames are then put into our software that converts the frames into a movie, resulting in a smooth, flicker-free capture. This process produces a higher-quality transfer and you will not lose anything from your original film. About 1500’ will fit on a DVD.

We can also convert your movie reels to an editable file format. We will transfer full quality uncompressed .mov files from your 8mm and Super8 reels to a thumb drive (USB 2/3) or External Hard Drive (USB 2/3). 200’ of film is almost 4gb in size!

Cost to Transfer (plus cost of DVD)      
Regular 8, Super 8 and 16mm movie film     $0.20 per movie foot
Super 8 and 16mm with sound     $0.23 per movie foot
3" reel is 50' (3 minutes) - 5" reel is 200' (13 minutes) - 7" reel is 200' (26 minutes)     $14.99
Cost of DVD      $29.99
Transfer your AVCHD, MOV, MPEG-2, MPEG4 and AVI to a DVD that can be played in your home DVD player.       
Premium DVD (up to 1/2 hour)     $20.00
Premium DVD (up to 1/2 hour) from 16mm or film with sound     $30.00
Premium DVD (up to 2 hours)     $35.00
Premium DVD (up to 2 hours) from 16mm or film with sound     $45.00
Additional copies (for 2 hour DVD's only)     $15.00
Each archival-quality DVD can hold up to 2 hours of footage      
Copy movie film transfer to portable hard drive     $15.00
We will transfer your movies to a thumb drive (USB 2/3) or External Hard Drive (USB 2/3) so they can be edited
on your home computer using video editing software.
The $15 fee includes full quality uncompressed .mov files. 200’ of film is almost 4gb in size!
Options and Additional Charges     $10.00
Background Music (flat fee per order)*     $0.75
Video Titles wityh transitions (per title)     $1.00
Fil Leader as needed for transfer (per leader)