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Camera Company Photographers Group



The Camera Company Photographer's Group was formed in April of 2010.

We started the group with the idea that we could organize some outings where people could get together and visit different locations in the Madison and Dane County area. We thought that we would be able to have some of the more advanced members help out with photography tips and ideas. The group also affords an excellent opportunity for us to bring lenses and flashes and other pieces of equipment that we can let members try at the outings.

The group has done a wide variety of expeditions. We have done macro work at Olbrich Gardens and shot soccer games and the Madison Mallards. We have photographed car shows and The Mid-Continent Railway Museum. We have shot the Capitol inside and out, day and night. We have photographed planes at the airport, as well as a number of Dane countyís great parks. We photographed the amusement rides, lit up at night, at The Dane County Fair.

The Camera Company Photographers Group has a lot of wonderful people who are always willing to help each other out on the shoots, and many of us have made some great friends in the group. There is no charge to join and the only time it will cost you anything is when we go someplace that charges admission or if we have to pay to park.

We have a Flickr page where we share our photos. And we have our own newsletter.

Visit the groupís Flickr page and see some of the things we have been up to. www.flickr.com/groups/1395945@N20/

Would you like to meet some great people and go out and have fun shooting pictures while getting some tips and trying out some equipment?

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September Outing

Hyde's Mill

Saturday, September 23rd


Photo by Joe Garza

At 11:00am on Saturday September 23, we will meet at Hyde’s Mill. The dam at the Hyde Mill was built in the late 1800’s. The mill building and waterwheel were added later. This location can be really challenging to photograph. There is a mix of shadows and highlights if you attempt of photograph the mill, pond and dam in one capture. Along with the mill scene, there are opportunities to photograph some mill stones and the water rushing over the dam. There is also a narrow view of an old blacksmith’s shop. This is a location where you can get great captures with a 50mm lens or something even wider.

Close to the mill is an old church. There is a small cemetery behind the church with some very old graves. There is a great long view of the church on the drive from the mill. A 300mm lens would work great for this. Around the church a 50mm or short wide angle would be very useful.
The address is 6875 Mill Rd, Ridgeway WI 53582
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