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Camera Cleaning Care and Accessories




ROR is not a lens cleaner in the usual sense. ROR is specifically designed to emulsify and remove microscopic oil residues from the surface and pores of glass and plastic.When you clean a lens with ROR you will observe a measurable difference in...

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Clean Air Filtered Blower


Squeeze-type air blowers have become an essential item in an enthusiast’s camera bag. Though typical blowers have one little flaw… they can ‘inhale’ dust and particles and may blow them onto a lens, filter, or sensor. Enter the...

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MicroClean Cleaning Cloth


Features: The PROMASTER MicroClean cloth is a special high-density treated fabric that absorbs oils and easily removes fingerprints, dust and other particals from delicate lens and LCD surfaces, leaving them sparkling clean and clear. The MicroClean...

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OP/TECH Rainsleeve Mega


Be prepared for the unexpected by always bringing along a Rainsleeve™ Compact design fits easily in a bag or pocket Two great styles to protect your gear Designed for handheld use or tripod application Unique eyepiece opening adapts to most...

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Small Universal Cap Leash


The ProMaster Small Universal Cap Leash attaches to your lens and then has TWO different mounting methods for the cap. Either use the sticky pad for caps without a dedicated leash hole or take the sticky off and attach to the mounting hole on your...

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Tenba 22" Messenger Wrap


Capacity: Laptop up to 17 inches or other oversized gear Call it a laptop wrap; computer case wrap; or long lens wrap — Tenba Messenger Wraps provide safe, portable storage for any delicate equipment that needs an extra layer of protection. The...

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