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Using a #14 welders shade to photograph the eclipse

9th Aug 2017

I know I need the filter or the welder shade to photograph the eclipse.
But what else am I going to need?

You need a solid tripod, rock solid!

Well you are going to need something to shade yourself from the sunlight. I don't mean sunglasses or a hat. You will need something like a black plastic bag, cut a piece out of the bottom to fit over your camera so you can bring the bag over your head to shade your eyes from the sunlight. It might sound a little bit crazy to stick your head in a plastic bag but remember that you are going to facing right at the sun.

A few other things that will come in handy will be a black cloth too shade you from the direct sun. If you are using the welder shade you need some rubber bands (at least two for each side). 

Number 14 welder shade

Welder shade held to reversed lens hood with rubber bands. The pens between the hood and lens prevent the rubber bands from slipping off of the hood.

Even though you are not looking directly at the sun. While getting ready to shoot you will be facing right into it. You need a black cloth or something to shade your eyes. A black garbage bag slipped over your camera will work pretty well for that purpose. Avoid looking directly at the sun through the bag, that will not be safe.

This is a photograph of the full sun. You can practice getting the focus and exposure correct before hand, that way you will be all ready when the eclipse begins.

ISO 250 - Shutter Speed 1/1000th of a second - f/14