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The Photographer's Group Member Spotlight: Julie Raasch

Posted by Carly Lundgren on 28th Sep 2018

Meet Julie Raasch: a photographer, naturalist, graphic designer, jewelry artist living in rural Wisconsin. We took a moment to interview Julie on her favorite products, style, and passion for photography! Keep reading to learn more about this creative multi-tasker. How did you develop an interest in photography? I’ve always had an interest in photography as a visual medium, but did not get my first camera until I graduated from college. I took that point and shoot film camera (a
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International Crane Foundation Outing with Tamron

Posted by Tommy DeVillers on 21st Sep 2018

A few weeks back in July, we held a photo outing at The International Crane Foundation (ICF) in Baraboo in collaboration with Tamron. Our reps from Tamron brought a collection of lenses for event attendees to borrow and walk the grounds of the ICF to get some incredible photos of all fifteen species of cranes. One of the lenses tested was the Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2. The sharpness from front to back on this one was incredible and the versatility of 70-200mm gave us the reach n
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What's in My Bag: A Weekend Up North

Posted by Tommy DeVillers on 12th Aug 2018

What’s in My Bag: A Weekend in the North WoodsI recently went on a long weekend up in northern Wisconsin with family and friends. On trips like this, I always pack a variety of equipment in my camera bag so I can capture the important moments spent with close ones, as well as the overall experience and scenery of the weekend. Here are a few of my camera bag staples for a weekend up north:If I’m shooting landscapes or doing long exposures of the sky at night, I will usually use the C
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Lightroom vs. Photoshop: Which Do You Choose?

Posted by Tommy DeVillers on 25th Jun 2018

     As a photographer, learning how to correctly edit your photos is half the process of presenting the final version of a photo. Editing also helps you create a distinct style that separates you from other photographers. In this post, I have compared the two photo editing programs created by Adobe, Lightroom (which I will abbreviate as LR for the sake of space) and Photoshop (PS). People often ask whether they should use LR or PS for photo editing. What it boils down to is simp
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Test Run: Sony a7iii

Posted by Mike Nightengale on 4th Jun 2018

So as photographers we are constantly seeing and hearing about the newest, latest, and greatest cameras coming to market. The trend that's picking up a lot of momentum is the mirrorless cameras. Pretty much most manufactures now make at least one mirrorless camera in their lineup. The new hot and much talked about mirrorless camera is the new Sony a7iii. I wanted to take a minute and talk about my experiences with one. I want to start by saying since going digital I've been and still currently a
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