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Getting it Right at Night

7th Feb 2018

So, you want to try shooting photos at night! Here are a few great tips to get you started capturing those amazing images. Night Photos Give these tips a try and let us know what works for you. Happy shooting!

Nikon D7200 vs. D7500

Posted by Connor Rolain on 23rd Sep 2017

The Nikon D7200 ($999.95) vs. D7500 ($1249.95)  Is the newer model worth an extra $250? The answer is yes and no - it depends on what you’re using it for.Simply put ...Major upgrades from the D7200Improved speed and action performanceImproved video qualityImproved low light shootingTechnically speaking - major upgrades from the D7200 (corresponds with numbers above)Increase from 6 FPS from 8 FPS Increase from 18 shots max RAW burst to 50Increased video quality from 1920x1080 (6
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Using a #14 welders shade to photograph the eclipse

9th Aug 2017

I know I need the filter or the welder shade to photograph the eclipse. But what else am I going to need?You need a solid tripod, rock solid!Well you are going to need something to shade yourself from the sunlight. I don't mean sunglasses or a hat. You will need something like a black plastic bag, cut a piece out of the bottom to fit over your camera so you can bring the bag over your head to shade your eyes from the sunlight. It might sound a little bit crazy to stick your head in a plastic bag
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Keeping your digital images safe online

Posted by Keith Power on 10th May 2017

Keeping your digital images safe online
As photographers, we work hard to create amazing images. To get exposure, many of us share images online through our website, Flickr, 500px, and the myriad of other online sites. Unfortunately, there is a risk of other people copying our images and using them for personal, or even commercial use without our permission, or knowledge. Some of us will use a watermarked image in an effort to stop theft, however there is a better is a new service that allows you to have a water
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Why a neutral density filter can be the best thing in your bag.

Posted by Keith Power on 1st Feb 2017

Occasionally I run across a scene that is too bright to allow a slow shutter speed. Or, I’m shooting a nighttime exposure and want the shutter open a LONG time. Or, maybe I want a portrait with a blurred background but the light is too bright to achieve a small aperture. Introducing the neutral density (ND) filter! An ND filter is available in different opacities to allow for more or less light throughput. The newest breed is a variable ND filter. By attaching the filter to your lens and
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